Faith, the Ugly Dog

The Adventures of Buzzardillopossum


About “Faith, the Ugly Dog”

"Faith, the Ugly Dog" is the tale of a little dog that has been told, and is convinced, that her ugliness on the outside means more than the kindness, sweetness and bravery that she has on the “inside”. After encountering a mean dog that bullies her and makes fun of her, and her transformation into the superhero “Buzzardillopossum”, Faith realizes her true inner worth and value.

However, did Faith dream this, or did it actually happen? Does it really even matter?

“Faith, the Ugly Dog” is a heartfelt and inspiring tale of the imagination that will teach children, and remind adults, that what an individual looks like on the outside is not as important as who they are on the inside.

The inspiration for the book is my rescue dog Faith, a seven-year-old Jack Russell Terrier with the canine autoimmune skin disease, pemphigus. The disease has left Faith with no hair on her head, tail and ankles. There is no cure, however Faith is being treated by her veterinarian with Prednisone to help with symptoms such as blisters and itching.

I met Faith at an adoption event at PetSmart where I was working part-time as a doggy daycare specialist. She was dressed in a dirty, blue, fleece vest and was very ugly. I asked the volunteer why she was so ugly and he said, “She has a skin disease, no one wants her and she will be euthanized next week if she is not adopted soon.” I asked him for her name and he told me it was Faith. Well, the rest is history. She’s been my dog now for three years. Her ugly appearance and kind heart inspired me to write this children’s book in hopes that Faith might share the message that it doesn’t matter if you are ugly on the outside as long as you are pretty on the inside.